30" On-Rail Deck & Fence Planters

Bring the beauty of your flowers up close to enjoy while sitting on a deck or patio and make the most of your valuable deck space by placing these planters on either a 4" or 6" railing and your done - no tools required! These planters are taller and wider than most - giving you even more space for your favorite flowers to blossom. Drain holes prevent over- watering. Available in 12 different colors.

  • Sits securely on either 4" or 6" rail
  • Showcases your favourite flowers, getting them off the floor, while freeing up valuable deck space
  • No tools required
  • Taller and deeper than most on-rail planters
  • Available in 12 different colors!

AP-4231L4G for Green
AP-4231L4M for Mocka
AP-4231L4T for Terra Cotta
AP-4231L4W for White
AP-4231L4BLK for Black
AP-4231L4DW for Driftwood
AP-4231L4O for Olive
AP-4231L4CB for Cabernet
AP-4231L4MG for Margarita
AP-4231L4YE for Yellow
AP-4231L4TQ for Turquoise
AP-4231L4BLU for Blue

AP-4231L6G for Green
AP-4231L6M for Mocka
AP-4231L6T for Terra Cotta
AP-4231L6W for White
AP-4231L6BLK for Black
AP-4231L6DW for Driftwood
AP-4231L6O for Olive
AP-4231L6CB for Cabernet
AP-4231L6MG for Margarita
AP-4231L6YE for Yellow
AP-4231L6TQ for Turquoise
AP-4231L6BLU for Blue

Product Details
Unit Measurement: 30"L x 11"W x 11"H.
Country of Origin: USA
Case Pack Qty: 6

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