Rainforest Ecological Sprinklers

Revolutionary sprinklers use up to 1/3 less water compared to conventional sprinklers and cover up to 1900 sq. ft (50 foot diameter spray). Heart-shaped head shatters water droplets into a fine rain/ mist that will not damage your plants or seedlings while improving water delivery to the root zone. Will not clog, so ideal for well systems and areas with hard water. Works on high and low water pressures. 6ft tripod has extendable legs, which work great on uneven surfaces.

  • Works great even on low pressure well systems
  • Very gentle on small plants and seedlings
  • Rain/Mist effect for even coverage and reduced runoff

AP-00107 12” spike sprinkler
AP-00602 3ft tripod sprinkler
AP-00600 6ft tripod sprinkler
AP-00148 Wheel-based sprinkler

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